Installation of new 5inch co-axial feeder cable on 150m FM and TV mast.
G A L L E R Y.
CTB has been involved with many turnkey broadcast installations
Turnkey installation of Broadcast site.
Installation of new UHF antenna panels and new 3 and 1/8 inch coaxial feeder cable on +/- 250 meter FM and TV mast.

Benoni Decommissioning and Rigging.
Hillbrow Tower Decommissioning and rigging.
Carry out turnkey project including all building works, fencing, mast and antenna work, electrical work, RF reticulation, AC's etc.
Monopole installations.
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UHF Antenna rebuild and cable installation
Tower and antenna installation in Ghana.
Supply and install Refurbished HF antenna.
Supply and install new mast platform.

Supply and install 6 new MW guy rope insulators.
Rustenburg Platform installation.
Replace base Insulator on broadcast tower.
HF Antenna installation Zambia.
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