A B O U T   U S

A Brief History.

Communications Technology Broadcasting (Pty) Ltd (CTB) was founded in 1979 at which stage it primarily handled Broadcasting antennas in the LF, MF, and HF frequency bands as well as HF communications antennas and single site direction finding equipment.

After a decision to expand our product range to include all equipment from studio output to the antenna, the company very carefully selected manufacturers and suppliers of equipment recognized as being reputable, of high standard, yet remaining competitive with good customer support structures.
As a result of our expansion, products to cover the complete spectrum from LF through to microwave became available through CTB.

Due to customer demands, CTB expanded its activities to include total turnkey facilities which covered site selection, theoretical propagation studies, actual measured propagation surveys, equipment requirement planning, site layout, coupling calculations, building designs, project management, installation, commissioning, site manuals, reports, followed by  complete after sales service and maintenance programs.

CTB continually advises customers of important changes and availability of new products as well as interesting technical developments that could improve on operation of the original installed system.

Over the years, in an attempt to service every possible need of our much valued customers, CTB expanded once again to include a dedicated maintenance division.

As a result of this expansion and the creation of a dedicated and experienced maintenance team, CTB has become a much respected and sought after maintenance contractor.
All maintenance team members come from an installation background and therefore understand the principles and theories behind the systems they are maintaining.

CTB also has taken on civil teams in order to keep all work in-house and to offer our clients a turnkey option. This includes site surveys, excavating, all re-bar and shutter work and well as concrete pouring.

Today CTB is one of the worlds most recognized communications and broadcasting organisations, specializing in fields such as tower and mast supply and installation, antenna, feeder cable and combiner installations. Site inspections and commissioning have also become an integral part of our business. Our experience and knowledge in all fields of broadcasting and communication have made CTB the perfect candidate for this line of work.

Our knowledge and experience in work at height coupled with our extensive antenna and mast knowledge has led us to diversify into the supply of and training in all forms of rigging and safety equipment.

Whether you are looking for a supplier of broadcast and communications equipment or a company to install a mast or an antenna system CTB is a company that offers it all. From safety and rigging training to site surveys and antenna commissioning, CTB can offer a complete range of products and services. 

CTB has done many installations throughout Africa and the world, of which numerous projects have been turnkey operations.

Over the past 30 years our client base has expanded to include many international broadcasters such as Christian vision, Zambian Broadcast corporation, Department of Broadcasting services in Botswana, US Government broadcasters, Harris corporation, TCI with many more not mentioned.
Our installations have varied from small TV gap fillers to large high power MW and SW installations and for many of these projects we custom design and manufacture the equipment shelters to meet particular environmental needs.

Our experience includes installation of high power HF and MF transmitters to small helicopter TV and FM gap filler installations which required solar powered sites to be installed.

We have installed various masts and antennas of various sizes and applications throughout the world including but not limited to various log periodic antennas, various SW antennas, MW (shunt fed and base insulated), LF, FM, TV and numerous other communication antennas for clients such as Telcom, The South Africa Air Force, SA Navy and Air Traffic Navigational Services (land to sea and land to air).

Due to our extensive knowledge and experience in the installation field, we have been requested on numerous occasions to assist with training for rigging and ground crew at various stations throughout the world. Further to this, we have been requested and are becoming a reliable provider of inspections and commissioning of antenna systems and all associated fields, including rigging crews.

Some of CTB's installations in Africa and abroad:

CTB has installed 8 by 50 KW TCI 604 Medium Wave installations in Botswana
CTB has installed a 4 tower MW array installation in Botswana. This included the installation of a 600KW Marconi transmitter.
CTB is actively involved with routine maintenance of various stations throughout the world.
Erection of five shortwave tower and antenna installations in Africa
CTB is actively involved with routine maintenance at these SW stations.
CTB was responsible for controlled demolition and installation of a new two tower MW array in Sao Tome
We were responsible for the installation of 39 maintenance wires on the SW antenna systems located at Iranawilla, Sri Lanka
CTB has been involved with the installation of numerous vertical, horizontal and circular communication fixed antennas as well as the installation and maintenance of many rotatable antennas both in South Africa and abroad.

Some of CTB's other projects:
Installation of new guy ropes and additional maintenance work on small FM/TV towers in South Africa.

Complete refurbishment of 8 SW antennas in Africa.
This project involved the replacement of all aluminum nuts and bolts on both the reflector and the radiator of a TCI 611 SW antenna system. This system was installed by CTB during the early 1990's.
Re-painting of MW masts and towers throughout the world
Re-greasing of tower guy ropes throughout the world

There are many other projects that CTB have been involved in since the company's inception in 1979. The projects highlighted in the previous pages are a few examples.

The following highlight current projects being undertaken.

Some of CTB's more recent projects:

SW Relocation project

CTB has recently successfully relocated a four tower with three antennas SW array in South Africa. This was a complex and very technical task which included the dismantling of 4 by 100m masts and three SW antenna curtains and then the re-erection of all of these at a different location.

Bridle replacement on SW antenna system
This project involved the replacement of all the hardware that directly supported the SW antennas.

LP Installation in Zambia
This was a turnkey installation of a large TCI model Log Periodic antenna system consisting of three masts up 100m tall.

Current projects being undertaken and projects recently awarded to CTB

1).    Installation of 5inch co-axial feeder cables on 250m masts throughout South Africa in preparation for the change over from analogue to digital. Roll out of FM and TV in Botswana. This includes the installation of 42 FM and TV antenna systems as well as the installation of 42 star type combiners and 42 lengths of 1 5/8" co-axial feeder cables.

3).    CTB, being the Southern African representative of TCI, has recently sold 4 TCI 540 Communication antennas to a Southern African customer.
        CTB has further been awarded the installation contract for these 4 antennas as well as the dismantling, re-location and installation of all other existing antennas          belonging to the customer

CTB has been involved with inspections and commissioning of various antenna systems throughout the world. The following are a few examples.

-    Inspection of a SW expansion project in Kuwait.
-    Inspection of the SW and MW antennas in Botswana.
-    Inspection of SW and MW antennas in Sri Lanka.
-    Consultant for SW relocation project in South Africa.
-    Consultant for communication antennas and transmitters relocation project in South Africa.

CTB also has a large range of studio links, microwave links, remote control, telemetry and test equipment

CTB also distributes a large range of electron tubes and components as well as switching matrices.

More recently, CTB has diversified to include a large range of rigging and associated rigging equipment to their portfolio. Some equipment like our purpose built winches have been marketed and sold worldwide.

-    Ropes
-    Winches
-    Lever hoists
-    Turfors
-    Pulleys and snatch blocks
-    Steel wire ropes
-    Two way radios
-    Rigging helmets
-    Gloves
-    Safety harnesses
-    Rescue kits
-    Full range of rope access equipment.
-    Gin-pole design and fabrication
-    Training in all fields
-    Fall arrest lanyards
-    Working lanyards
-    Karabiners
-    Tensioning equipment
-    Theodolites
-    Rigging tools
-    Capstan winches
-    Bosuns chairs
-    Life lines
-    Rigging pouches
-    Tool/bolt bags
-    Etc…………………..

Communications Technology Broadcasting (Pty) Ltd is a BEE certified organization and is a member of the ANC progressive business forum.
We at CTB are dedicated to empowering the people of South Africa and at all times remaining committed to transformation in our country.

Companies Mission Statement:

  • To serve the broadcast and communications industry and to understand the requirements of our customers and to find solutions to these requirements.
  • To offer advise to customers on product purchase, replacement or improvements and to negotiate with the necessary suppliers on our customers behalf.
  • To provide a reliable after sales service as well as maintenance programs.
  • To maintain fully equipped and trained installation, maintenance and inspection/commissioning teams to meet the highest international standards
  • To offer the best possible service, workmanship and equipment while at the same time remaining competitive.
  • To share experience and knowledge through regular training to both CTB employees and to employees of our customers.

Companies Philosophy:

If a project or a sale is worth taking on, then we must do it to our best ability in the shortest time possible without sacrificing quality,
safety and our well earned reputation.